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 Vanessa Hudgens-Psychic

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Kayıt tarihi : 28/07/09

MesajKonu: Vanessa Hudgens-Psychic   Perş. Tem. 30, 2009 10:27 am

Sometimes I feel his love, sometimes I don't
There's times when he proves it then times when he won''t
Its time I know the deal about how he truly feels
I guess what's killing me is just not knowin

My friends all tell me maybe I should seek a psychic
They tell me just beware I may or may not like it
But either way I know I need to get some answers
About where I stand with him
How do I know, I need to know

If he's for real won't you please let me know
Or is he just playin, what's your magic card show
Something bout when he's here makes me not see so clear
Does your crystal ball show any lovin at all


I know this must seem so desperate
But desperate is what I've become
I'll do anything to know I'm the only one
Anything to get the truth from you



Ashley Tisdale
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